Olga is a renowned and respected ballet master from St. Petersburg, Russia, who has brought her talent and love of ballet to Europe, Canada and USA.

She graduated from the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in 1978. Olga’s main mentor, Ninel Petrova, was one of the favourite students of famous Agrippina Vaganova. While performing in the State theatre of Choreographic Miniatures of Leonid Jacobson, the company of the greatest choreographer of 20th century, in St. Petersburg, Olga mastered a versatile and very rich repertoire. She could perform pure classical ballet numbers as well as modern, character or grotesque dances.

The knowledge and skills she has gained helped her to become the in-demand ballet coach in Belgium where she moved to in 1991. Olga worked as a classical ballet teacher at the Royal Ballet School Antwerp and as a guest-teacher and choreographer in various ballet schools in Belgium and the Netherlands. Later, she continued her career as a Senior Classic Ballet Instructor at the Goh Ballet Academy in Vancouver, Canada and as the Artistic Director of Professional Training Program at San Jose Youth Ballet, CA, USA. Olga is recognized guest-teacher and choreographer, she taught and staged in various International Ballet Summer Programs in Europe, Canada, USA and Australia. She continued her professional career in Brussels International Ballet.

In 2021 Olga entered the Saint Petersburg Conservatory to study at the ballet master faculty. The admissin of the ballet master's faculty will allow her to crystallize all her knowlledge about ballet profession. In parrallel, she is developing a project colled the Petipa Marathon. This project is addressed to young generation of ballet dancers, to everyone who is interested in the art of ballet, to those who are ingaged in culture and education.

Olga has numerous letters of appreciation for her contribution to the development of cultural relations between Belgium and Russia; she was even awarded a medal “In honor of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg”, the EU, UNICEF, Help Kids and the Government of Belgium, the City of Antwerp and the City of Saint Petersburg has recognized her.

Olga was awarded with diploma and medal “The Best Teacher Award” in recognition of outstanding technical and artistic merit at the 2018 World Ballet Competition Finals held in Orlando, Florida, USA. And most recently Olga received the “Outstanding Teacher 2019 Award, Young American Grand Prix”.