Classical ballet is a life-story told without a single word that instantly lifts you up. It’s a lifestyle filled with raw feelings, hidden struggles, and hard work.

Classical Ballet

I have had years of professional performance and ballet teaching experience. I constantly draw on this to prepare students for the physical and mental demands of their chosen career. In addition, I have particular technical expertise and theoretical knowledge. This allows me to give students a deeper insight into the range of dance styles and disciplines that underpins a creative approach to dance.

My teaching applies to the curriculum created on the base of the unique method of A. Y. Vaganova. This Method allows ballet dancers to excellently master the body. Artist's dance is distinguished by simplicity and rigor of form, clean lines, expressiveness of hands, obedient to flexibility, with steel aplomb of the body, nobility and, yet, naturalness of the head, harmonious plasticity, poetic spirituality, cantilena and softness of movement, strong-willed and energetic manner of performance, emotional expressiveness.

I offer a systematic and consecutive method of professional ballet training. My curriculum includes the Master-classes in Classical Ballet, Pointes and Jumps Technique, Variations, Repertoire and Boris Knyazev Barre a Terre.

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