“Life is the dancer and you are the dance”

Eckhart Tolle


I express my most heartfelt thanks to my outstanding colleagues, friends and dancers for their recommendations and touching words about me and my work. Thank you for your appreciation and support, professional attitude, sustaining solidarity and compassionate memories! It is immensely valuable to me.

Maina Gielgud

Former Principal dancer of the Berlin Deutsche Opera, London Festival Ballet and the Twentieth Century Ballet of Maurice Bejart. Former Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet.

Olga’s outstanding ability for teaching the immensely difficult art of classical ballet is recognized throughout the dance world. Having studied with some of the greatest teachers of all time, at the world famous Vaganova Ballet Academy, Ballet, she teaches in that style, which is novel and unique and enables her, with her unique strengths, to get the best out of her pupils.

Ms Iakovlevskaya has thorough knowledge of both theory and practice of the finest ballet technique as well as it’s different schools and styles, and an understanding of what it takes to become a professional dancer - one of the most difficult professions in existence. Her passion for the art form and for sharing it through teaching, is matched only by her ability to impart the necessary form and detail for its execution.

The spread of her talent to teach is unusually wide, since she has brought out the best in students of many different ages and levels, and her coaching of individual students/dancers for competitions and performances is of the rarest quality and is recognized throughout the industry, such as with her recent receipt of the title “Best Teacher” by the World Ballet Competition. She creates a truly positive atmosphere and nurturing environment for dancers and students alike, and has an uncanny way of finding the relevant exercises and advice which will produce quick but lasting results in the technical aspects.

But beyond the ability to immensely raise the technical standards, Olga has an unparalleled ability to to bring out the as yet undeveloped artistic and musical potential in young dancers.

She is renowned for her encyclopedic knowledge of the basics of ballet technique at all student levels and a love of the history of classical ballet and the arts generally, which shine through all her teaching and coaching work.

Alexander Sombart

Former Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet of Flanders, Netherlands Dance Theatre, English National Ballet and former Ballet and Pas-de-Deux teacher at the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp

I observed and admired Olga’s extraordinary Vaganova method teaching of Ballet with the Antwerp Royal Ballet School during the international summer programs. I always enjoyed witnessing Olga’s knowledge transferred to her students which were shown with high remarks during the Graduation Galas with the Antwerp Royal Ballet School.

Olga coached and staged Giselle ballet’s Act 2 with high level precision, attention to detail with impeccable technique and artistry from all the dancers. The students danced like professional dancers because of Olga’s tutelage and expertise. 

Michael Shannon

Former principal Dancer for the Bolshoi Ballet, England’s Birmingham Royal Ballet, Vienna State Opera Ballet, Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, Hungarian State Opera Ballet as well as the Kremlin Palace Ballet Theatre. Master Teacher for open studio Architanz (Tokio), the President of the Kawasaki International Ballet Competition, the Artistic Director of Japan Ballet Theatre.

I first heard about Olga’s teaching talents and excellence from other renowned ballet directors while I was directing The Royal Ballet School of Antwerp and decided to invite Olga to become a part of the teaching staff. 

Olga is an extremely gifted and a very driven teacher. Her knowledge of the fundamentals of classical ballet and the Vaganova teaching method is unparalleled and she has an innate vision, musicality and incredible knowledge of classical repertoire. Her dedication to her work and art form is only paralleled by her passion to see her students succeed. Additionally she created unique programs with the agreement of Cooperation between the Vaganova Ballet Academy and the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp, it was the first cooperation of this kind in the history of the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp.

Ms. Iakovlevskaya is truly a remarkable teacher who has received significant recognition internationally for her talent. Not surprisingly she has been recognized by the very prestigious 2018 World Ballet Competition in Orlando, Florida as “The Best Teacher Award” and she has been recognized Outstanding Teacher at YAGP, 2019.

Monica Proenca

Vancouver based choreographer and teacher working in Canada for the past 15 years in Contemporary Dance, Modem Dance and Contemporary Ballet.

I have had the privilege of working along side Ms Olga Iakovlevskaya for the past 2 years. What an amazing honor was to observe Ms. Iakovlevskaya teaching. Not only does she possesses the rare incredible knowledge of the classical ballet technique, she does it with grace and refinement.

In these past few years I have witnessed the transformation of every student that attended her classroom. She excels in giving them the right tools for a phenomenal understanding of the possibility of a professional career in dance.
She offers guidance that results in flawless performances filled with talent and artistry from every dancer in prestigious International competitions.

Ms Olga has a great work ethic and a beautiful heart. Working with her is very fulfilling. It is my pleasure to recommend this amazing woman to any dance school or professional dance company that is ever so lucky to have her.

Hanna Mojet

Director www.balletschoolprelude.nl The Netherlands

We met in Royal Ballet School Antwerp where I first experienced Olga’s remarkable fine teaching skills. I admire her positive energy and spirit as a teacher. Olga is a warm personality and knows how to motivate her students to go over their technical and artistic limits in ballet. Together with her very detailed knowledge from the Vaganova ballet system, she is in my opinion one of the best teachers I know.  A real Vaganova specialist.

Olga is a person I love to work with in my own school or in any other school. For me she’s the perfect colleague and my students adored her and her classes during the time she was our guest teacher. The ballet needs Olga!

Elvira Gavrilova

Pianist, Royal Ballet School, London

..I remember your whole image - unwavering confidence in your professionalism, in your knowledge, your quick walk, black flowing dress, the energy of your voice...And, of course, your phrases - "foot like a knife" (in petit battement), or for example, that "a hand, eyes and a foot must work a movement in total harmony". Absolutely everything in your class has meaning and logical explanation (with reference to Petipa and Vaganova). All of this gives students in your class (and me, a pianist) such comfort and confidence. To work and train with a professional of such calibre is a great privilege and joy.


Arkady Arianoff

General Director,
 Belgian-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce

Olga Iakovlevskaya has completed with our organization about 15 nationally important projects during her time in Belgium acting within her profession of a ballet teacher. She worked in cooperation with the Belgian government, including Prime Minister Yves Leterme, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with top managers from all the largest companies in Belgium and with leaders of profile organizations.

Her distinctive features are high educational and cultural level, creativity, high organizational abilities, discipline, honesty and hyper-responsibility. In these, she is without doubt among one of the most interesting creative manager and one of the top ballet teachers in the world.

Charlie Hardwick


Olga Iakovlevskaya was brought to my daughters studio to be the Artistic Director for a Professional Training Program. 
We enrolled our daughter into an on-line homeschooling academy so she could participate in the morning classes five days a week, 3 hours a day. Charlize was excited and extremely eager to learn everything about the Classical Vaganova Training.

Olga gave exceptional training because she shared every bit of knowledge and wisdom she had from her life long  experience as a Vaganova graduate. Each day showed a transformation into our daughters life with her love and ambition to learn the Vaganova building blocks to classical ballet. Olga taught with conviction, compassion, and heart however she had set high standards for her students. Olga has the passion, knowledge, and experience to teach any aspiring ballerina who has a  desire to learn, develop, and hone their skills. Her dedication to teach a child is truly extraordinary because she gives everything she has into her students growth. Olga teaches with pride, love, and heart which makes her very unique and gifted as a Ballet educator and Artistic Director. 
With Olga’s exceptional training, Charlize competed at YAGP in January 2019 for the first time and placed top 12 in Classical Ballet. She also competed for the first time at The World Ballet competition in April 2019 and received the Bronze medal. 
Olga gave Charlize a special gift and that was more insight, into Charlize’s deepest desire to continue The Classical Vaganova Training. 

Tatyane Junussova


Olga Iakovlevskaya has been my daughter’s teacher for about two years. Olga is a ballet teacher with a an extremely rare talent. She has an incredibly deep, systematic and meticulous approach to her teaching. She possesses a unique ability to quickly analyze what the student’s body can do, where improvement is needed, and to create a specific plan for development. Olga does not just give a ballet class; she designs each combination with precise aim to help her student progress. Her corrections are very constructive. She tells students exactly which muscle to activate and how to activate it, in order to execute the ballet movement properly.

Ballet is not easy, and grueling work can be hard to endure on a daily basis. Olga has a very good understanding of her students. To motivate them to work hard and to not give up, she knows when to be strict, when to be softer or when to tell a joke. Students cannot help but feel inspired because her classes are imbued with her deep love of ballet, dance and music.

A graduate of Vaganova Ballet Academy, Olga possesses an encyclopedic and historical knowledge of the Vaganova method, technique and artistry details, and classical repertoire nuisances. She generously shares all her knowledge, wisdom and Vaganova ballet traditions with her students.

My daughter’s improvement since she started working with Olga has been immense. One would not believe that she is the same dancer. My daughter deeply values and cherishes each lesson with Olga.

Olga’s generosity towards students reflects the kindness and benevolence of her soul. She is very compassionate towards everyone and a true joy to be around.

I am greatly honored to know Olga and deeply appreciate everything she has done for my daughter Anna Zagoruchenko.