Culture is a unique tool that helps us understand the world, changes one's consciousness and relationships with others; it is an perfect channel to broadcast about the modern life and surroundings.

Global Events

Economy without culture is inhuman,
Culture without an economy is not viable.

Economie zonder cultuur is onmenselijk,
Cultuur zonder economie is niet levensvatbaar.                                      

Экономика без культуры бесчеловечна,
Культура без экономики нежизнеспособна.

The projects of Global Events (1995-2008), former name Artgroup International, was supported by the Ministries for Foreign Affairs of Belgium and the Russian Federation, EU, EP, the Embassies of Belgium in Moscow and the Russian Federation in Brussels, the Governor and Administration of the Province of Antwerp, the City of Antwerp, the City of Brussels, the City of Saint Petersburg and the Government of Leningrad Region, the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce for Russia and Belarus, the universities and other public, cultural, social, educational and commercial structures of Belgium and the Russian Federation. At 2023 the activities of Global Events has restarted. 

1995 Opening of Artgroup International (Global Events) 

1996 “Russian sculpture of XX century”

The Exhibition at Le Château de Petit-Leez, Belgium. 

With support of Vitaly Churkin, the Ambassador of Russian Federation in Brussels. Department of the Sculpture, the State Museum Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. 

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1997 “Art Gala 97”

Presentation of Russian sculptors. Brussels, Belgium. Under the patronage of Madame Jacques Santer, the President of the European Commission.

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1998 “Peter the Great in Antwerp” Belgium

The monument of Peter the Great on Kloosterstraat, Antwerp, Georgy Frangulyan, the sculptor.

The Carillon concert by Jo Haazen, the Director of Royal carillon school "Jef Denyn".

The book “Peter the Great in the lands of Belgium”, Emmanuel Waegemans, the writer.

The International Symposium “Peter the Great in modern interpretation”, Hight School Saint Andries, Antwerp. 

The Roundtable of Russian and Belgian Journalists, with participation of Alexey Venediktov, Sergey Buntman, Viktor Lochak, Sergey Parkhomenko, Mikhail Berger, the journalists. 

The Piano Concert of classical music. Olga and Evgeni Mogilevsky, the winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels, 1964.

With support and participation of Luc Van den Brande, the Minister-President of Flanders, Igor Ivanov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Leona Detiege, the Mayor of Antwerp, Sergey Kisliak, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belgium.

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1999 “The Russian Children” in Belgium

"Spartak Moscow” Sport school at the 17th international football competitions "Muguet Tornooi" in FC Beerschoot, Antwerp-Wilrijk.

1999 “The Russian Children” in Belgium

The concert "Stars of the 21st century", Vladimir Spivakov International Charitable Foundation and its Young Talents. Koning Elisabethzaal, Antwerp.

1999 “The Russian Children” in Belgium

The exhibition “Christmas through the eyes of children" and the concert "Christmas in Children's Hearts". Program for the youth from the Leningrad region in the Provinces of Antwerp.

1999 "Russian Christmas” 

The Exhibition at the Jacob Jordaens House, Antwerp.

1999 "The Sleeping Beauty" 

The exhibition at the Royal Ballet of Flanders, Antwerp, Saint-Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music.

1999 Parish of the Nativity of Christ

Founding and opening of a Russian Orthodox parish in Antwerp.

2000 "Russian Christmas” 

The Exhibition at the Saint Józef Cathedral, Antwerp.

2001 "Icon 2001"

The Exhibition of the Russian Orthodox icon at the Saint Józef Cathedral in Antwerp, the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.

2001 "Belgian Days in Russia. Moscow" 

At the Margarita Rudomino All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature:

The panel “5 continents”, Edmond Dubrunfaut, the painter.

The bust “Blue Bird. Maurice Maeterlick”, Vladimir Surovtsev, the sculptor.

The book “Maurice Meterlik in the Silver Age of Russia”, presentation.

The book “Willem Roggeman, Gust Gils, Herman de Coninck”. The Flemish poetry presented by Dmitry Silvestrov, the translator. 

The concert of Belgian Music. The composers George Longue, Eugene Isay, Lucien Posman, Dirk Brosse presented by the soloists of the Northern Flowers music association, Artistic Director Yuri Serov. 

At the Russian State University for the Humanities:

The exhibition “Fred Bervoets in Moscow” at Museum Center.

The colloquium on Economics at Scientific Council Hall.

The Modern installation, Erik Van In, the sculptor.

The concert “Jacques Brel”, Vadim Piankov, the performer.

The quiz competition “What do I know about Belgium?” at Internet Café.

At the Diplomatic academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affaire:

The conference “Political, Economic and Cultural cooperation between Russia and Belgium in XX century”.

The exhibition “Through the Age”, the history of Russian-Belgian economic relations, the unique Belgian bonds of 1900th.

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2002 “Russian Fashion. 200 years" 

The exhibition of a unique collection of clothing from the private collection of the fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev. The History of Russian Costume at the Saint Józef Cathedral, Antwerp. Catalog “Russian Fashion. 200 years". 

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2003 “300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg” 

“James Ensor”. The catalogue of exhibition in St. Petersburg.

2003 “300 years of Saint Petersburg”

The exhibitionof the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburgin Antwerp at Het Elzenveld in Antwerp.

2003 “Thanksgiving Event. 300 years of Saint Petersburg”

The Gala-evening at the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the EU in Brussels included the concert of "Neva’s Music", the Chamber string quartet, exhibition of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg and private collection of the fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.

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2003 “150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Belgium and Russia”

The Gala-evening at Het Elzenveld in Antwerp included the exhibition from the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg in Antwerp and concert of the Chamber string quartet “De Favorite tijd”.

2004 "Russian Dialogue"

The photo exhibition of Lev Melikhov, Sergey Yastrzhembsky and Valery Sirovsky. Brussels, Belgium.

2004 “Sister Cities and Partnership”

The Round table between the City of Antwerp and the City of St. Petersburg at INFOPUNT EUROPA in the Province of Antwerp. 

2005 “Never again”

"Blockade of Leningrad"The photo exhibition at Town Hall Rotterdam & Beurs - WTC Rotterdam, 24.05 - 09.06.2005 Rotterdam, Netherlands.

“Blockade of Leningrad"The photo exhibition at  the Saint Jozef Cathedral, Antwerp, 22.06 - 01.07.2005 Antwerp, Belgium.

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2007 “Belgian Days in Russia. Nizhniy Novgorod”

At the 12thInternational Industrial Economic Forum:

The stand exhibition of Belgian companies on Nizhniy Novgorod Yarmarka “All Russia United”.

The roundtable “Investment and Economic policy in Nizhniy Novgorod Region.

B2B at Nizhniy Novgorod Chamber of Commerce.

The exhibition “Belgian-Russian Industrial Relationship”, the collection of Daniel Stevens.

At the  Nizhniy Novgorod Kremlin Museum:

The exhibition “The Painter of Silence”, Jef Diels, the painter.

At the  Nizhniy Novgorod Architect House:

The master-class “Belgian Contemporary Architecture”, Philippe Samyn,the architect.

At the  Nizhniy Novgorod Lobachevsky State University

The masterclass “Belgian TV Journalism”, Martin Heylen, the TV journalist.

The photo exhibition “Just a daily life of Belgium”, Ludo Marien, the photographer of Gazet Van Antwerpen.

The exhibition “Press Cartoon Belgium”, Karel Anthierens, the President of “PCB”.

The masterclass “Belgian practical application of Certified Public Auditor”, Erik Van Der Jeught, the Certified Public auditor. 

The book’s presentation “People behind the Dam” Filip De Pillecyn and “The Son of the Panther” Paul Claes by Dmitry Silvestrov, the translator. 

The days of Flemish films “The Alzheimer Case”, “Steve+Sky”, “Jam”.

At the Nizhniy Novgorod Brunch of Russian State University for Humanities:

The masterclass “Belgian Traditional Juvenile Arts”, Jeannine Hermans, the painter.

The lecture “The Post-Apocalyptic world of the brothers Van Eyck. Mystic Lamb. Gent’s altar”, Gennady Durnajkin, the director. 

At the Nizhniy Novgorod Region’ Kino Center Record:

The concert of Scora jazz-quartet.The performance of Music for the silent film “Aelita”.

At the Nizhniy Novgorod State Exhibition Center:

The exhibition “Dialogue”, Anna Spetshinsky, the sculptor. 

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2008 “Belgian Days in Russia. Moscow. Sochi.”

With participation of Yves Leterme, the H.E. Prime-Minister of Belgium; Bertrand deCrombrugghe, the Ambassador of Belgium in Moscow; Werner Cautreels, the Perident of BLCC for Russia and Belarus; the Brussels Capital Region, the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region, the Federal Public Service Forign Affairs, the Foreign Trade& Development Cooperation.

Belgian Business delegation at t the VII International Investment Forum SOCHI 2008. 

The exhibition "First Olympic Flag and Antwerp Olympic Games 1920" visited by Vladimir Putin, the Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation. 

The Museum "Sportimonium"' presentation. More than a museum about sports. Henri de Baillet-Latour, the President of International Olympic committee (1925-1942)

The International Forum "Sochi 2014: culrural and educational dimensions". The RSUN International Affairs - the platform of the Belgian-Russian cooperation.

The exibition of Slavinsky Art Gallery, St.Petersburg.

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