Antwerp is the city of my life, the world is
the place of my work.


With Love To My Teacher

Соnsidering the usual course of events, another academic year has already ended. As a special and most important event, the exam of this academic year is dedicated to my dearest teacher, Ninel Petrova, the person of universal and incomprehensible talent. I was privileged to be taught by this marvelous professional and I sincerely express my immeasurable gratitude and respect to this wonderful personality. Both this sophisticated teacher and also Olga Klimovich, the teacher of primary level, provided the highest class training for me, which I have always shared with my students. My teachers were direct successors of Agrippina Vaganova, the Outstanding Ballet ‘ Professor and famous star of the great Russian Ballet School. They were capable of passing on knowledge and all professional skills to my fellow students and me. I follow the course of my famous teachers and I am constantly watching the development of my students` mastery while Vaganova`s secrets are penetrating into my students` artistic skills. I am absolutely grateful to my director, Anderson Santana for his great ability to create a special creative and positive atmosphere at Brussels International Ballet where teachers and students are subordinate to his vision, but not restricted in freedom. I also express my sincere gratitude to my colleagues for their great support and understanding. My piano player deserves to be mentioned specially for our harmonic interaction and creative alliance while preparing for the exam. I will upload it gradually. I am also thankful to my students for being so clever and exited and their love of ballet.